Monday, December 10, 2012

We Still Don't Live in a Free Country

Some of you may have read my earlier post We Don't Live In A Free Country.  In it I pointed out that peaceful citizens harming no one can be killed by the government if we don't follow trivial laws and regulations.  I used my lack of a front license plate as an example.

Let's expand that thought, shall we?

While hunting deer in Wisconsin a hunter is required to wear a back tag which has a large number on it.  This tag, and the legally required tag holder, exist so that it is easier to identify lawbreakers.

These back tags, as well as license plates, exist so that when we break the law we are easier to identify.  Think about that: requiring a back tag, or a license plate, means that the government expects you to break the law at some point.

Hunters in other states do not need to wear a visible tag.  Car insurance is required, but no insurance tag, or plate, is required on the exterior of the car.  So why are back tags and license plates required on our exteriors?

The government expects you to break the law and they have rightly concluded that requiring a back tag and car license plate will not inflame the objections of those of us who want the freedom to be left alone.

What does a number on your car, or self, exist to do if not to identify you as a law breaker?

The government expects you to break the law.  It expects that you will pay your fine.  And it expects that you will not put up a fuss.  Therefore they require you to wear a number so that you can be identified with minimal effort on their part.

Our liberty is infringed on by being required to wear identification numbers that make it easy for our masters to find us when they decide that we have done something that they don't like.  And few of us will complain.

How could someone argue that we live in a free country when we are assumed to be guilty of a crime before doing anything?

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