Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Haven't been Posting; Have Cold

First time I've been sick in years.  I don't recommend it.


I did discover GeoGessr, which is cool.

My high score, since I noticed the scoring, has been 11,800 and change.  I bet I get around 10,000 for the most part, I have no idea how good that is.  Try it and let me know how hard it is.  (I don't do more than "spin" the image in place, becasue moving down the roads a few hundred yards doesn't often change the view.)

I do a lot better outside the US, and South Africa always screws me up.


Everyone should read Free Northerner.


I hear a lot about basketball, does anyone care about the game or is it the gambling on the brackets that is the interesting part?

(I've watched most of two basketball games in my life.)


I've heard of a lot of people who are "obsessed" about finding the missing plane, and yet I've heard of no one flying out to go look for it.  (tip: It crashed, everyone's toast.  Too bad.)

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