Monday, March 10, 2014

Things I Wonder About, Part (I lost Count)

Can I assume that we're over the Duck Dynasty fad?

Having not participated in any fads (as far as I know), I'll ask the rest of you: where do you keep all that junk?

I recently watched a few minutes of an Insane Clown Posse (h/t) video on youtube.  I thought I should be expecting more gore or violence, but is that all there is? 

How pitiful must the fans of two dumpy middle aged men be?

(Rap sucks as a music form, by the way.)

I listen to Rob Zombie now and then, I've never watched a music video from him.  Shirley, they're dark and evil?

Is that all there is?

Is it all tame or has my perspective changed?

(Powerman 5000 isn't as good as I remember from casually listening in high school.)

One chapter in the last book I read contained a story more awful than anything in any of the metal music videos that I've seen.

The Last Ivory Hunter by Peter Capstick

One chapter describes examples of the thinking of Africans.  One story is about a boy who's eye has popped out and is hanging along his cheek.  The hunter the book is about asks the boy's father why he's not going to the hospital.  "I'm busy," he says. 

Another time the hunter sees a man with a moving sack on the back of his bike. 

"What's in the sack?"

"My son, he was burned a week a go.  I figured that he'd die, but he hasn't so I brought him here."

The kid had his charred arm amputated and the hunter also discovered his chest infested with maggots.

Which is more dark, those stories or anything from dark musicians?


Why is it people are so sheepish in their habits?  If I'm traveling and I'm hungry, I'll occasionally stop and discover that every restaurant is packed.  Why becasue it turns out to be noon or six.  Why would anyone eat at any other time?

Is it my imagination or is my increased experience with various Microsoft products leading me to believe that I need to minimize my exposure to them?

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