Friday, July 19, 2013

One Liners... defeat political arguments.


Keep your laws off my body.


Do you ask pregnant women: "how's the fetus?"

Death Penalty

The government can't get anything else right, why would they be competent at killing people.

Stimulus spending

Is there any amount that would have been enough to fix the economy?

School choice

But...I thought you were "pro-choice"...

Border fences

What makes you think such a fence wouldn't end up being used to keep you in and paying taxes?

Gun control

I dare you to put a "gun free zone" sign in front of your house.


There is more support of atheism now than in past decades; and our society has a result?

Buy Local

What makes you think increased shipping costs is worse than increased production costs?  See: growing citrus in cold climates

This post was a better idea before I started writing it.  Perhaps I'm not in the mood.  Put better lines in the comments.

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