Deer Hunting

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3 Points to Shooting Deer - Do these 3 things and shoot more and bigger bucks
My First Buck - A story

Where to Hunt

Alternatives to Buying your Own Hunting Land
Where Have Big Bucks Been Shot In The Past?
Hunting and Fishing in Canada
Improving Hunting Properties
Thoughts on Buying Hunting Property 

Deer Hunting

Getting Good At Anything - How to Shoot More and Bigger Bucks
Blood Trailing Deer


The Two Best Pieces of Hunting Equipment 

Clothing -
Scent Proof Hunting Clothing 

Treestands -
Hang On / Chain On Treestands
Treestand Styles
Its a Good Time to Buy Your Hunting Equipment - A post on Treestands
Where to Spend and Save on Hunting Equipment

Rifles -
Your First Deer Rifle 
Cabela's Brand Riflescopes
How many guns are necessary for a deer hunter?

Post Hunt 

Removing Deer Antlers
Taking Pictures of Deer

Food Plots

Where to put food plots
Creating Food Plots - Step by step instructions
Food Plot Equipment - Don't Use a Rear Tined Tiller
Food Plot Equipment - An outline for the basic equipment
Food Plots Without Rain


Meat Eater - TV Show
World Record Deer & Muskies - Why, even if I get one, I won't tell anyone.
Record keeping for Hunting and Fishing
Hunting Games - Video Games

Debating an Anti-Hunter  

Opposition to Hunting
More Hunting Opposition
More Anti-Hunter Comments
More from the Anti-Hunter


Some Proof of My Deer Hunting Ability
Deer Pictures - Three Bucks in One Trail Camera Picture
Trail Camera Pictures
Trail Cameras
Scooooore!! - my 2012 buck with a bow
Opening Weekend of Deer Season - my 2012 opening weekend buck

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