Musky Fishing

How hard is it to catch a musky?

Where to Fish

Muskie Fishing Small Weedy Lakes
Musky Structure
Suspended Muskies
Muskie Fishing Detroit

When to Go Fishing

Slow Fishing
Muskie Seasons - fish are cold blooded, fish accordingly


Original Muskie Lures
Best Things Are Often Cheap and Simple
Top 20 Muskie Lures
Minimum Musky Lures
Muskie Lures - how many do you need
Musky Lure Reviews
Musky Lure Reviews II
Modifying Muskie Lures
Colors For Musky Baits

How To Catch Muskies

How to catch the biggest possible muskie
Figure 8 for Muskies
"The Summer Muskie" - a summary of the book by musky guide Tony Rizzo


Muskie Size - the truth about fishing magazines
World Record Deer & Muskies - why if I get one I won't tell anyone
Record Keeping for Hunting & Fishing
Bassmasters - posted while drunk and watching Bassmasters


Outdoorsy Stuff - my cousin had a good week

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