Friday, August 9, 2013

Manosphere Analogies Need Improvement

I was reading The Free Northerner's recent post, featuring links, and discovered a used car lot dating analogy.

Revisiting The Used Car Lot

If this was the case, the assertions above would be false since there would be enough supply to be a zero-sum game. To use the analogy in the linked post, the used-car lot is apt. Men are the buyers and women are the sellers. What we have right now is a car lot full of broken down rusted out vehicles that either don’t work or barely work with price tags that far exceed the representative value of each of those vehicles.

Now the price tags on these vehicles (women) are already much too high for their representative values. But the representative argument of these two posts is that men should work to pay MORE for these broken down rusted out vehicles. Perhaps another false assumption is at work: If men are willing to pay more, women will provide higher quality product. There are abundant proofs that this is not the case.
Many manosphere writers use analogies to explain points.  Comparing women to cars is a fine use of an analogy...if you are talking to a guy.

The purpose of an analogy is to say, "this thing you're unfamiliar with is very similar to this other thing you know all about."

I've bought cars.  Most of you guys have bought cars.  But how many women see "car" and roll their eyes and think no further?

(I like it that way.  I doubt that I'd have much interest in a girl who knows all about cars.  If she could take care of the cleaning, and I could take care of the cars, that would be much preferable to the other way 'round.)

If girls don't spend much time thinking about cars, and its been my experience that the subject is very uninteresting to them.  Much like when a girl brings up the pop musician of the month, and I lose interest in the subject.

On the other hand, the manoshpere, such as it is, exists to help men not women.   So the above example is fine, but i wouldn't use it in order to explain things to a chick.

Also, if you ever use a baseball analogy while talking to a girl, you are an idiot.

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