Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Windows 8 Stinks

I just built a computer, and I needed to decide between windows 7 and 8 for my operating system.

I went with 8 despite the claims that it was bad because:
  • everyone seems to complain about every windows version
  • All the complaints seemed to be much ado about nothing
  • I figured that the newer version would last longer before becoming obsolete
  • The new improved speed and security advertising sounded good
After using Windows 8 for a while I realize that those who do not like the fact that Windows 8 was clearly designed for touch screen tablets were correct.

This missing "start" button is more of a pain than you'd think.

The only ways I know how to turn the computer off are "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" or to hit the power button on the case.

I do not like all the stupid msn/ Microsoft windows for news and other Microsoft software cluttering the screen whenever i hit the "Windows" button.

I don't like how there are a handful of icons hidden along the right side of the screen that appear when I don't want them and I can never get them to appear when I want to see what they are.  After two weeks the best I can tell is that the top hidden icon is "search" or maybe "magnify", and I have no idea about the others.

I miss the start button more than you'd think I would.

But the worst part, by far, is the fact that I'm supposed to register my copy of windows.  A screen telling me to go to the screen to do so comes up whenever the computer turns on or returns from a screen saver.  When that blue screen of "Activate Windows" comes up Nothing works except to hit the button that takes me to another "Activate Windows" screen.

This second screen is white, the left half is full of all sorts of stupid "personalization" options I couldn't care less about, and the right side says something like "You can activate by internet or by phone."  This is followed by a perpetual "waiting to connect" [to the internet], despite the fact that I can hit the windows button and then the stupid desktop window icon, and then do all I want on the internet.

If these stupid screens wouldn't come up all the time I'd ignore them.  But every so often they'll close whatever I was doing and pop back up.

So I tried activating by phone.  I tried three or four times to type the million-digit product code (or whatever), but I am unable to hit the numbers fast enough to prevent the phone from giving me the: "is there a problem? Are you confused? Let's restart you're taking too long."

So I tried entering the numbers in by voice instead of hitting the number buttons.  I entered the first section of the product code "A" when prompted, then I did B, C, and D.  But before going to E it went to F without giving me the time to enter part E.  My options seemed to be start all over, or say, "to hell with this."


Windows 8 sucks.

Listen to the complaints about it.

Get windows 7 instead; it is fine.

To hell with you Windows 8!


  1. I miss the Start button too. And those things that appear on the right side of the screen when all you really want to do is move your cursor are super annoying.

    I have Windows 7 on my work computer & it doesn't do things uncommanded.

  2. Use Linux.

    However, your vendor may have designed a particularly bad boot system, if he put in UEFI.

    This makes it much harder to dual-boot.

  3. You can install Classic Start Menu (I think it was freeware) to get your start button back.
    I hate Win8, so I installed that app. Makes it look and work close enough to Win7 from a user's perspective.