Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm Back!

I was busy shooting a big buck, doing more hunting, working, sleeping, and driving between them to post.

Also my book is done, and soon to be on Kindle.  I hope.  My next free hour (seriously) is december 4. So I hope that I get all of Amazon's stuff figured out tommorow.

Matt, Free Northerner, and my new friend Andrew will get free copies of my breakthroguh, groudbreakeing, and so on book " Shoot Deer: Better late than never: subtitle to be inserted here"!!!!

No I don't have a picture of my buck (19" 10 point) but I totally shot him.  Hooray!!!!

Also: what's with this Obummercare sheist?  Didn't anyone predict that it'd be terrible?

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