Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ask Vic

I stopped watching tv in November of 2011.  This includes my no longer watching football, the only sport I ever cared to watch.  I do, however, still read the "Ask Vic" section of

Today Vic, the editor answered a question that I think more people should read:
Hippolyte from boat on Lake Geneva

Vic, I go to school to Switzerland from France by boat. Boat rides can be boring, but you’re here to entertain them for me. I read your “Ask Vic” column on the way back from school and I read “Ask Vic Extra” on my way to school.


Hippo, put down the column and look around. Find a young woman from France with whom you might enjoy the view. “Ask Vic” is not meant for people like you. It’s meant for people who aren’t sure if the Packers should play the 3-4 or the 4-3.
I may no longer visit, because of that comment (read the whole of the day's questions for full effect).  But Vic is usually right (except about the Oxford comma), and reasonably amusing, so I think that someone should replace me as a regular reader.

If you are interested in the NFL, I suggest you read "Ask Vic" regularly.

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