Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Magic Broken

by Vox Day

I'm not really a fan of sci-fi, or fantasay, nor do I know, or care about the differences between the genres.  But I do read Vox Popoli regularly and so when Vox had A Magic Broken avilible for free a while ago, I got it and then recently read it.

So the story is of a magician and a dwarf who enter a town of men and leave with a female elf.

My summary is short and so is the book.  But despite my minimal interest in this type of book, its shortness would be my only critizism.

And that's not much of a criticism.  Were Vox to publish a similar book of size and scope every so often, I would be happy to buy and read them.

Apparently this book is kind of a warm up for a longer book A Throne of Bones.  Which I just finished reading  and will have a longer review for tomorrow.


  1. sounds Tolkien-ish.

    1. The world in this book was undoubtedly based on The Lord of the Rings.