Monday, February 17, 2014

Jim Corbett: Master of the Jungle

by Tim Werling

Jim Corbett was an Englishman who lived in India from 1875-194?.  He is famous becasue he killed many of the worst man-eating animals in history.

There are leopards and tigers in India and many people who live in small villages and survived by hunting and some small farming operations.  Very often some leopard or tiger may become unable to hunt its normal prey, or just finds that people are easy to catch and they become man-eaters.

Jim Corbett killed lots of man-eaters including several famous for killing several hundreds of people before being shot by Jim.

If you look for "man-eater" in Wikipedia you'll find listings of the most famous man-eating animals.  Most of the leopards and tigers were killed by Jim Corbett.

Champawat Tiger: killed 430 people WR

Leopard of Rudraprayag: killed 125 people

This book is a storyized narrative of Jim Corbett's life.  Born in India, hunted various things, and then was repeatedly called upon to kill man-eaters.  Most of the book is interesting enough as a story-like version of his life and first several hunts, although it ends with a mere summary of several famous man-eaters as if this author ran out of time, or pages, in order to keep the story going.

The book is on a very interesting subject, but I preferred reading a few of the books by the man himself to this biography.  Jungle Lore, for example.

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