Thursday, March 20, 2014

Microsoft Sucks

It has been infuriating how hard it has been to finish my book.  The writing, the research, the editing, and dealing with Amazon have all been easy, but Microsoft has been awful.

I was advised to try linux when I posted on "building" my computer.  I think I'll do that next time I need a computer.  Windows 8 sucks.

So I wrote my book on a free version of office that came with my laptop when I bought it.  That was fine, until it was edited by someone with a full version of Office.

So I tried various things, procrastinated, and tore my hair out while trying to figure out how to work on the stupid thing.  I tried Open Office, which I installed onto the computer I built, but could not install onto my laptop.  Then I found I could open my book in open office but couldn't save it in any useful form.

I've spent three months spending a part of every day thinking that I want my book done, but every time I try to deal with it I want nothing more than to do anything else.

I finally gave up and tried to pay for a full version of office, $100 for a year, but I keep getting pop ups telling me that I need to buy it by march 22.  Did I not already pay?  And this after many efforts to install the stupid thing.

And now I'm writing this post instead of working on my book becasue somehow I lost several hours worth of my editing, to the point where it was on a flash drive since it was edited elsewhere.

(I use internet explorer at work, that sucks too.)

Just being able to open this stupid thing has been the most frustrating thing that I've ever done.

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