Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rather than Useless Internet "Debates"...

For amusement, someone can go to various websites and say witty things like, "Hey Obamacare supporters, keep your laws off my body."  And this is somewhat amusing.  Not productive, but amusing.

An alternate idea may be to comment on such websites, and rather than counter others' stupid thoughts, you could just point out what fallacy they are committing.

Some idiot could claim X and you'd reply: "straw man," "ad hominem," fallacy of the anecdote," "projection," "questionable source," and so on.

Actually, you may not need "and so on," most people who argue things on the internet commit any and all of those listed errors.

It would be kinda funny:

Idiot: "blah, blah, blah"

me: "straw man"

Idiot: "Yeah, well you're a racist."

Me: "ad hominem"

Idiot: "You're only repeating rethuglican talking points."

Me: "projection"

and so on...


  1. I have done that sometimes just for amusement but have found that most people think they know what ad hominem and straw man are, but really don't.

  2. Most people don't know much of anything about anything. And adding a link to the definition of the words would defeat the purpose of putting in little effort.


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