Friday, December 6, 2013

Shoot Deer

My new book is out, and after a day, I've sold 0.  I don't expect to sell a pile of them, but I even more appreciate why people feel the need to lie and exaggerate in order to promote their stuff.

Now that deer season is mostly over here in Wisconsin, I'll be able to return to somewhat regular blogging.  Ironically, if I had wanted to maximize my sales of a book about hunting, I would have missed many days of hunting in order to write about it, and promote it. (Matt has a book on how to do this.  I read the book a while ago, but have been so busy, I have not reviewed it here.)

I doubt that getting your hobbies and work combined is a good idea; every guy I know who wanted to get a job in fishing needed to specifically give up fishing time in order to work, and yet was expected to still catch more and bigger fish.

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