Monday, March 25, 2013


When I was in high school one of the first things the head track guy said was that drinking soda is unhealthy.  So I figured because I'm mostly indifferent about it, I'll stop drinking it.  For the most part I don't drink soda.  If I'm thirsty, and soda is all that is available, then I'll have one, but I prefer anything else.

As a result of this the last time I tried to drink a regular Mountain Dew I could not finish it. 

I went a few years without visiting a certain fast food restaurant.  I was in a hurry once and stopped in.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom.

This past weekend I went out to my hunting property to do a few things.  (I actually just got stuck in some snow.)  On the way back I was exceptionally hungry.  Options were limited at the only gas station for around 50 miles.  I got some whole milk and I went for some Frito's because the bag was heavy and I was hungry.

I ate about a quarter of the bag before I realized that I could taste nothing but salt.  Cili Cheese wouldn't seem to be a weak flavor, but all I could taste was salt.  My lips were dry and cracked from running around in this cold Wisconsin spring and my cracked lips stung with all of the salt.

Despite being ravenous, I only ate half of the bag.  I'm still amazed at how I really could only taste salt.

Completely stopping eating unhealthy food for a period of time may eliminate your desire to have it ever again.   My improved eating habits still need work, but I have no desire for an awful lot of foods that aren't any good, even if I once liked them.


  1. It definitely holds true for me. Jack Lalanne used to challenge people not to eat sweets for "just three days," and said it would change their lives.