Friday, March 15, 2013

Red Pill Expected Results

I was reading a post at Hooking Up Smart and it struck me that there are red pill sites for women that point out that the jerks may be the most attractive men, but the men that you [women] pursue should have some degree of betaness in order to be good to you and stick around.

Then we have many sites that tell men to be more of a jerk in order to be more attractive.

If sites like HUS and Heartsie are successful in prodding their respective audiences towards their respective goals, then we will have a situation where more girls are looking for greater betas and more men become alphas.

This would seem to be a problem.  We could end up with girls who recognize the men who will not commit and avoid them; when those same men have just learned how to become the men that women should avoid.

Theoretically, both sides should be pushing towards the middle.

While I appreciate the fact that there are websites pointing out the best things for men and women to do, I doubt that enough people will take that advice for the impasse to occur.

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