Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stuff I Missed

Is this not the best way to describe it:
And, hey — good news! They’re going to pickle Chavez and put him on permanent display!
He's gonna be pickled! HA!


The government would seem to be incompetent
If we assume that the dropouts have similarly failed to learn the basic skills, that means that about 17.6% of the students in the New York City public school system are learning basic skills.

The public schools aren't useless, they are worse than useless.  Forget online education and homeschooling, children would probably learn more from playing video games all day for 12 years.  And it would cost a lot less to provide every "student" with a PlayStation and a new game delivered every month.
If we just looked at, say, reading, then I'll bet that their are an awful lot of video games that would teach reading.


What would you ask the first [so called] lady?

If your rumored run in 2016 was successful, how long would you blame the previous administration for the sorry state of the union?

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