Friday, May 31, 2013

[in]FAQ Starring Me

A series of [in]frequently asked questions about me and this blog.

(I read an article in some magazine where the author interviewed himself.)(  I realize that this may be frivolous and trivial but joviality and mirth always seem to come in insufficient quantities.)

You go by "Tim" for your internet handle.  Is that an acronym for something or are you so lacking in creativity that you chose your real name?

My real name is Tim, so most people call me...Tim.

What have you hoped to accomplish with this blog?  Have you accomplished it?

1. I forget.
2. Sure.

What's the best part of waking up?

Would it be: Folger's in your cup? [editors note: I just thought of another reason to stop watching TV.]

Your "about" page says things about hunting and fishing, what do you hunt and fish?

I hunt whitetail deer.  I fish for muskies and smallmouth bass.

What's your favorite book of fiction?

Macau by Daniel Carney

What's your favorite book of non-fiction?

Bell of Africa by W.D.M. Bell

Favorite author?

Jeffery Tucker

Favorite movie?

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Favorite music album(s)?

Hellbound Train, Savoy Brown
Drastic Fantastic, KT Tunstall
A Quiet Normal Life, Warren Zevon

What was your favorite blog post (from this blog)?

This one.  On monopolies.

Which blogs do you read regularly?

My blogroll ===>

You went without a haircut for two years.  What did you learn?

Having short hair is boring.

With long hair you have an added element of interest in your life; its one more thing to think about an plan for.  I would advise every guy to grow his hair for a year or more at least once.  Its a minor experience, but one where you'll get lots of comments and people will look at you differently because of it. 

The number of comments on my hair (when short) from girls: zero

The number of comments on my hair (when long) from girls: lots

My hair isn't terribly thick, but I determines that a daily washing with whichever Head & Shoulders shampoo and an occasional combing gave me good results.  It should be trimmed every few months though.

Its been a month since my last haircut,  and counting.

You haven't "debated" the loons at the Huffington Post in a while, why not?

I always knew that meaningful results would be minimal, but I finally decided that spending a full afternoon was too much time.  Awaiting responses takes time.  They never responded to what I thought were my best comments.  And finding the research to be as accurate with my facts as possible took time.

I may try it again once a few projects I'm working on see a bit more progress.

Which places would you like to visit, and why?

Hong Kong - because its cool
China - because its cool
The Philippines - NN
Brazil - girls, peacock bass, and all the other Amazonian fish
Somewhere in Africa - girls and elephants


I'd like to shoot an elephant.  It'll cost around $60,000 plus around $5,000 for an appropriate rifle (even though Bell used one the same size as the one I shot my first three deer with).  And going through the regulations to bring the tusks back will probably shorten my life by a year.

This isn't a funny [in]FAQ.

I was in a good mood when I wrote the title and first few questions, but that's less the case now that I've returned to this post to add a few more questions.

How's selling your Nissan 350Z going?

Slower than I thought.

The offers I'm getting stink.  What's with the offers at half the KBB value?  Why would I trade my 2003 Nissan Z car for a mid 90's Nissan Z car?  Why would I trade it for a Mustang (which is comparable in many ways, but worse in quality and cornering)?  If that idiot can't sell his impala what makes him think I'd want to trade my car for his so that I could sell it for him?  If he can't sell it, how could I?

I may never buy a non-pickup again.

How did you move deer with only a sports car?

Dad, with his truck, happened to be hunting every time that I shot one.

I was hoping to shoot a nice one, strap it to the roof, and then find a girl to pose on the hood, and then take a picture of the whole thing.  Caption: "I had a good day."

But it never came together.

My bow did fit perfectly in the back.

What's with the stupid blog title?

Spoot comes from a late 90's cartoon called Angry Beavers.  They used it in place of expletives.

Suggestions for a better tagline appreciated.

Angry Beavers:


  1. This is awesome, I like reading your perspective. You are so laid back and kind of grumpy, it's charming.

    1. I choose to read "charming" and ignore the grumpy part.


  2. The elephant dentist.