Friday, May 10, 2013

To Republican Supporters,

Can those of you who support Republicans name a minor government program that has ended thanks to their efforts?  Or a major government program that has had its size reduced thanks to their efforts?

If you support Republicans becasue of their claim of favoring smaller government, then shouldn't they do things like make the government smaller?

I'm not aware of and government programs that have ended, or gotten smaller, thanks to Republican efforts. 

I am aware of thinks like the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA that have gotten bigger thanks to republicans.

Indeed the democrats are worse, but where is the force with which you criticize the republicans?


  1. There was Ron Paul but the GOP did their best to undermine and marginalize him at every turn.

    Paul was an exception not the rule.

    Therefore I must concur with you.

  2. And of course, GWB created Homeland security - a huge department that sounds right at home in the Fatherland!

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