Thursday, May 30, 2013

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My blogroll is constantly changing.  Here are some new editions.

Introverted Playboy
Meet women in the summer outside bars and clubs

The summer gives us tons of ways to meet women. Bars and clubs are the go-to venues for single men looking to meet someone. But they aren’t for everyone. Luckily, you aren’t a slave to the night life when it comes to meeting girls.

Here are some great places to meet women in the summer outside of traditional bars and clubs. You won’t have the benefit of alcohol to soften social relations, but people are generally more open, laid back and needless to say, the women are wearing less clothing than in the winter.
Cop Block
Omaha Nebraska Officer Puts His Gun to the Back of My Head

Some friends and I were standing at Qt Gas Station on 103rd and Fort street on 5/14/13 around 2:15 am. We had just gotten off our bikes and we all went in and bought some food and drinks.

We were standing there eating and talking when two officers pulled up in a black and white Chevy Tahoe. I saw that the officers were looking at my firearm that was on my side in a holster. I didn’t really think anything of it because I have an open/concealed carry permit, so I just went on with what I was doing.

I saw that they started walking our way, but I was still not worried about it. The officers approached us asking everyone how we were doing. One of the officers then walked in between all of us. The officer then proceeded to walk behind me without saying anything more. He then turned and said, “Who do you think you are?” then pulled his firearm out and pointed it about an inch from the back of my head, like I was being executed, and ordered me to get face down on the ground. Not knowing what was going on, I did what was ordered of me.

Muslims have been rioting for six days in Sweden now. The official response it to "do as little as possible." The police, which are disarmed like all good European police, are following a politically correct strategy of simply pretending Muslim rioters don't exist and hoping they go away. What they are doing is going after Swedes who try to defend their neighborhoods.

Now, I've got little commentary to add on how European governments got themselves to this insane place. It does confirm, however, that leftism is an incoherent system of taboos, not an actual ideology. Suffice it to say that the political left is following its insane self-hatred to its own conclusion. I hope that Europeans will realize their political classes and governments are fundamentally malevolent and hostile toward their own interests.

What we are seeing is what the collapse of European society will look like. European governments are afraid of Muslims and, more importantly, afraid of failing to hew closely to the egalitarian creed (the American government, despite Obama's pantywaist approach, is not intimidated by Muslims at all). Most people in Europe are more afraid of their own governments than they are of Islamic violence. That situation cannot continue, because the Muslims are continuing to escalate their threats of violence. As Europeans fear other Islamic violence more than their government, it is providing fertile soil for fascist street enforcers to rise. A government too weak to handle Muslim rioters is too weak to handle other kinds of street gangs, and people will naturally turn to whatever group they believe can and will protect them.

The governments are too busy writing welfare checks to the immigrants.

Who do you think it will be?
 Great Books For Men
what is the manosphere? da manosphere summarzied by daGBFM

Da Manosphere circa 2013 zlzozozl
(1) Man up and marry those buttocked sluts (Blue Pill William Bennett)
(2) Build a life of butthext buttthexting beta’s future wives lzlzozozlz (PUA)
(3) Forsake butthext and all owners of said buttholizozlzlzo (MGTOW)
(4) Be patient and pray 4 da buttcocking to stop (Traditional)
(5) Try to stop the buttehxting from within da matrix (MRA)
(6) Let them eat bbutthext. (Neocon)
(7) She says she’s only been buttehxted seven times by four guys and is as good as new as she repented and da minister forgave her as he was one of da four guysz. (Churchian)
(8) voyage beyond da butthext and Read the GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN and restore honor to civilization via a renaissance lzlzlozlz. (GBFMster)

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