Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who to marry?

Some blogger or commenter linked to this old post on inter-racial marriages

It reminded me of an interesting thought that I've had.

The reason to get married is to have kids.

If you want to have kids, then you'll want them to be as successful as possible.

Your kids should have minimal disadvantages and maximum advantages.

The above linked post points out that east Asian men, and black women, are not as valued as mates as are others.

Interracial mixes, for girls, can be very good or bad.  If you have a daughter, then she'll likely turn out to be her mother.  So if her mother is good, then your daughter is likely to have the potential to be successful in life.

Ethnic Mix (& my favorite celebrity):


Sons may be a different story.

As we can see from the above posted data, east Asian males are the least appealing male race.  The don't have disadvantages that cannot be overcome.  And I've nothing against east Asian males (see No. 1 here).  But we know that the "Asian" genes are dominant, and if you have a kid with an Asian wife, then that kid will look Asian.

That would be a disadvantage for him.

So, even though Uncle Elmer recommends Vietnamese, I want to go to the Philippines thanks to Naughty Nomad, and some of those east Asian girls are very appealing, I don't think an east Asian wife would be ideal.

The Philippines, Brazil, and Poland sound like the most appealing places to go for girls thanks to the manosphere travel writers.  I have limited desire to visit Poland.  And Brazil has always sounded interesting for girls, culture, and peacock bass.  My favorite author's newest book even has a pair of chapters on the marvels of some of the economic freedoms in Brazil.

Ideally, if all goes to plan for me, more or less, and I want to get married, you'll find me in Brazil, not east Asia.

(East Asia is still cool though.  I had my first legal drink in Hong Kong.  And I'll continue to read more about China and Japan, and favor east Asian epic movies.)

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