Monday, April 29, 2013

A Revolutionary Line of Thought

When I first discovered "Game" I was amazed and pleasantly surprised by it.  I spent the two evenings after I first discovered Roissy reading nearly all of his old posts.

I was constantly amazed at what I read.  It made so much sense.  It explained many experiences that I was confused by before.  The crimson arts make so much sense, it explained so much.

This past weekend I went to an event that was nearly as enlightening, nearly as informative, and nearly as important.

I like to hunt deer.  I've had more success with it than anyone that I know.  But I always knew that there was more to learn.  I knew that there were things that I was doing that could, and should, be done better.

Tony LaPratt's Ultimate Deer Management is exceptionally impressive, and I don't doubt that it works.  It makes too much sense not to work.

Due to his rules of proprietary information, etc. I can't say much more than its about managing your deer hunting property in a better way.  Check out his website for more information on what he does.

Perhaps I'm beginning to understand more of what it means when old guys say that they once thought they knew everything, but no longer think so.

I may be over-emphasizing this but that Ultimate Land Management is really incredible, despite, or maybe becasue of, its simplicity.

I may be over-hyping things that I really like on this blog (read Bourbon for Breakfast already), but this time I really mean it. 

(Just like all those other times.)


  1. Halfway through Bourbon for Breakfast, a ridiculously good title by the way.

    1. Is it not a joy to read about simple economics?

      Don't stop with that one. Its a Jetsen's World, A Beautiful Anarchy, and every book he recommends therein are all suburb.