Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Hitchhiking Crash Course: How to Travel the World and Meet Cool People

Matt Forney's new book, The Hitchhiking Crash Course: How to Travel the World and Meet Cool People, is a short introduction to the world of hitchhiking.

The book is useful for potential hitchhikers becasue of things like the recommended items to bring and information on how to go about hitchhiking.

Like anything else, there is a learning curve to being successful.  This book's recommendations on how to look, act, and where the best places to be to get a ride, or a shower would no doubt shorten the learning curve for someone following in his footsteps. 

I read the book hoping to read a bit about the country and Matt's experiences along.  But this book is a practical guide to hitchhiking, not a collection of the interesting things that he did.

This book is recommended for practical advice on hitchhiking, but not for entertainment purposes.


  1. Thanks for the review. The "collection of interesting things that [I] did" is coming over the summer; I'm taking my time on it so the final product is as perfect as it can possibly be.

  2. Hitchhiking is; wet-cold-lonely-hungry-dirty-REALLY-REALLY-REALLY dangerous(the pervs come out at night in droves), and it's A crime in more than half of the US. I hitched the world following the Greatfull Dead from 74-93. In a word DON'T. Of the people I knew in the 70-80s that did this more than half fell off the map never to be seen, as in gone forever. You do meet a few nice people, but you meet way more creeps-perverts-serial killers -junkies and ass holes. In no way is living on the road fun or fulfilling.