Friday, April 26, 2013

Boycott Electonic Arts

I wrote a post about the video game company Electronic Arts.  They seem to keep making their product worse and the consumers seem to keep buying them.

I thought the problem started more recently, but Matt pointed out that they have been bad for quite a while.
EA's CEO can afford to be a dick because his company has been pulling these kinds of stunts for twenty years and have yet to see any kind of blowback. Even during the golden days of video games, EA wrecked everything it touched.
The market is always right.  So EA must be doing something well.

Life is too short to keep a list of companies to boycott, and it won't make any difference anyway.  But I do not want to support several companies with whatever small support I might give by buying their goods and services.

Here I go recommending a feel-good plan of action that will accomplish nothing.

A list of companies whose products that I'm not interested in:

Electronic Arts
Pizza Hut
General Motors
Any other company that accepted bailout money
General Electric

I'm sure that we could list many more.

And maybe I can do more about it, but life is too short...and that's why they'll win.

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