Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Car Thoughts

I've been gathering my thoughts on cars while I have been driving my sister's old car rather than mine before I sell it.  (Anybody interested in a 2001 Hitlermobile Volkswagen Jetta? 13K miles $2000)

My grandmother was more correct than she realized when she pointed out that SUVs are just vans.

Is it just the Jetta or do all front wheel drive cars not like aggressive driving?

I had to get a new driver's license recently.  It took an hour to get my picture taken and then wait until the person behind the counter told me that I'd get the new one in the mail.

On a recent hour drive and hour back drive I saw eight police cars, seven were looking for speeders or had one stopped already.  How much did it cost to pay their salaries, and for their cars, and for their car's modifications, and for their computers on which they play solitaire?

Did the tickets they wrote out cover all of those costs?  Plus the costs of the courthouse and the judge, etc.?

What would happen the next time I'm stopped for speeding if the conversion went like this:
Member of the police farce: "Do you know why I pulled you over."

Me: "To generate revenue for the government."
Incidentally, my heart nearly skips a beat whenever I see a police car; even if I'm just walking down the street; even though I've only ever been stopped by the [real] police for traffic infractions.

Which is more dangerous: having people spend much time driving looking at their speedometer and parking on the edge of busy roads while being ticketed or having police ignore speeding that is not reckless?

Does anyone know a Lexus owner who is not black and/ or a teacher?

Buick drivers are old and/ or quite poor.

Volkswagen drivers are liberals.

And owners of Toyota trucks are the best sort of people.

I've still got my eye on that Factory Five Racing MK4 Roadster kit car.

Why do car radios have so many unnecessary features?  Whats wrong with having a radio that plays FM/AM, CD's, and connects to MP3s and doesn't have options to change the color of the lights, or connect only to certain obsolete iPods, etc?

That Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet sure looked cool, but I can't imagine rationalizing buying one.  (Why is is so hard to find a picture of one to copy here?)

A Mazda Miata would seem to be a good car to have, but it is a chick car.  Maybe a body kit would make it less of a chick car.

Anyone else desirous of a late 'sixties Alfa Romero?

1967 Alfa Romeo GTV

How unreliable are they really?


  1. No thanks on the AR.
    It's bad enough I have a 64 Sprite.
    Twenty years of owning that POS and I haven't driven it more than 700 miles in ten years because it is always broke down and the parts went through the roof.

    I'm not kidding either.

    $450 for a new brake master cylinder on a car that won't sell for more than three grand in good condition, which mine is far from.

    Stay the hell away from any 60's import unless you are a serious masochist with deep pockets.

  2. I know a ton of people who have owned a Land Rover. I don't know anyone who has owned two. This also holds true for any British car (jag, MG, Triumph, Rolls, etc) and any Italian car (Alpha, Fiat, etc) other than supercars (chick magnets!). Extremely unreliable and parts are expensive.

    A used Mazda Miata is dirt cheap and a much better car and way more fun than an AR. If you want to step up the fun factor, 1998-2002 BMW M Roadster.

    The Unknown Stockbroker (FINRA Approved!)

  3. @Bustednuckles

    Maybe we'd see how much of a masochist I am.