Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Things I Wonder About, Income Tax Edition

Are the little tattoos some girls get below their ears meant to say: "I aspire to never be more than 'white trash'"?

Why the desire for "insecurity hiders" anyway? (Term from Around the World in 80 Girls.)

Why are taxes due on April 15th?  Why not at the end of the calender year?

Why is it I am perfectly capable of algebra, geometry, and calculus, but I have great difficulty filling out my tax form?

Could sleeping in become a marketable skill?

Why does each online password have a different requirement for numbers, letters, and symbols?

How many seconds does such a password delay someone who wants access?

How much pain can I inflict on whoever came up with our tax code?

Why do you imbeciles keep voting for the #@%&@*!s that came up with our tax laws and continue to support them?

Why when its late at night do I not want to go to sleep, but when its morning I don't want to get up?

Will we ever be rid of our intellectual property laws?

After the previous question I was going to post a video of an Irish comedian on waking up in the morning.  But the video clip was removed from YouTube, no doubt becasue we should buy his dvds rather than watch his shows for free.  So rather than directing a handful of blog readers to a reasonably funny comedian, he'll get no video posting, and a handful of blog readers that may have become new fans of his work won't have the chance.

Take that intellectual property laws!

So instead of that comedian, how about a funnier one (Dara O'Briain) who has more fun with the audience member who films his show:

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