Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guns & Anti-Self Censoring

The Free Northerner pointed out in a recent link post that he rarely self censors.  That comment reminded me of a subject that I don't recall anyone writing about; no doubt becasue they'd fear the backlash for doing so.

One of the arguments against the private ownership of guns is the supposed anecdote that, "what do you tell the parent of a child who has accidentally injured someone with a gun?"

How indeed do you speak of such a subject without appearing uncaring or mean spirited?

Its not the time to point out the stupidity of the parents for leaving something dangerous where their kids could reach it.  Its not the time to criticize stupid grieving parents when their kid has been injured.

So instead of asking the parents if they leave rat poison next to the Captain Crunch or if its the sharp knife's fault that it was left on the table and then the knife's fault that it cut the kid, let's blame the inanimate object.

It wasn't your fault for being irresponsible, it was the fault of the inanimate, and unthinking, hunk of metal that your kid is injured.

Yes that, it!  Its not your fault at all!  We'll blame something else to make you feel less bad, and to hell with what is right and just!  And to hell with the rights of others!  I'll assume that this is the appropriate and morally responsible thing to say in your time of sadness.

The imbeciles that use arguments like this are absolutely vile.

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