Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Things I Wonder About (My Trip to Lake St. Clair Edition)

Why does buying out of state fishing licenses seem like a means of discouraging tourism?

Why do people, who aren't interested in cars, buy cars other than Honda Civics?

Does anyone, other than the new owners, call the Sears Tower the Willis Tower?

Is commuting into a city like Milwaukee or Chicago worth the commute?

How does one get the job of designing the highway configurations?

Is their a city with fatter uglier people than those in Michigan City, Indiana?

The WI speed limit is 65 and everyone goes 74.  The MI speed limit is 70 and everyone goes 70.  Since we know that WI cops love giving tickets and MI cops don't, why is this the case?

Why are WI highways surrounded with farm fields and MI highways surrounded by trees?

Why do so many large companies stay in MI?

Why are the roads so big in the northerly Detroit suburbs?

How much would you need to pay me to live in such a suburb? (Quadruple whatever figure you came up with.)

How can so many people afford $50,000 fishing boats?

Why does the lake with more muskies than any other (Lake St. Clair) get so much less fishing pressure than so many other places?

How is a pounder Bulldawg better than a Suick?

If the weight was removed or reduced from such a dawg would it be to buoyant?

Why did the hooks come out, of the four footer I had, right next to the net?

What causes fish to become active at a particular time?

What would we do if muskies didn't try to eat large hunks of plastic, wood, and metal?

What caused my right index finger to swell up?

When was my last tetnis shot?

How do you spell tetenis?

If i was outside every day would I get a lot tanner or just more sunburned?

Is it worth the drive for a lost four footer and a 43 incher?


11.5 inch yellow perch last week:


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