Monday, June 24, 2013

The Propagation of our Poor Economy & Society Explained

the state taxes men and places men in debt and taxes them again via the inflation tax
if you abolished the fed and ended the irs, women would no longer be able to butthext with abandon.

ben bernankiferierze et al profit massively off the base female desire for alpha fucks in the butthole and beta bucks, seized at gunpoint, to raise their thug offspring.

the welfare/warfare state is a big wealth-transfer business from men to women, and so naturally the fed funds it, as they must convert their worthless debt into physical property, which they do via feminism/alimony/sexual harrassment cases/welfare, all of which da ebernififiersz get a massive cut of.

the federal reserve created and funded the feminist movement to seize assets form men, while also seizing their future wive’s assess and ebebenrnakifying and deousling them in collegz lzlzozozozolozlzo

If you don't think your assets would be seized at gunpoint, then let me direct you to the difference between the top and bottom line of you paychecks, for the gun point: see what happens if you don't pay and resist arrest.

Taxes mostly come from those with jobs and pay for those who don't have them, and men have more jobs than women, ergo....

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