Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jane Austen's Books

Girls are no longer being taught whatever it is they need to do in order attract someone to marry.

A commenter on a post from Sunshine Mary used an example from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice to illustrate a point.

It seems to me that if a girl wants to get married, or just be more attractive to men, then reading classic books like those written by Jane Austen would put them a whole lot closer to being attractive than they are now.

Books by Jane Austen may not exactly be what I'd point to for a girl working on improving her attractiveness, but reading them should put a girl in a much better frame of mind as opposed to reading 50 Shades, or Eat, Pray, Love do.

I actually did not mind reading Jane Austen, particularly: Emma and  Pride & Prejudice.

Long ago I was curious about why no girl wanted to talk about such books with me.  Now I know.  But I would still appreciate a girl who actually preferred classic, or other more unique, books, movies, and music, as opposed to reading, watching, and listening to all the same [expletive deleted] that everyone else does.  Or at least, don't be surprised when I don't express any interest in things like whatever is currently on TV.

(If you are going to read classic romance novels, stay far, far, far, far away from Jane Eyre.  Further than that even; run away.  Jane Eyre is awful.)


  1. What's wrong with Jane Eyre? I recall liking it when I first read it, or at least finding it more tolerable than the other chick-lit of that period. Wuthering Heights is the really bad classic romance novel; I couldn't keep track of a single thing that happened in that book, save for a vicious anti-American crack Bronte makes in one of the early chapters.

    1. I could be mixing books, but wasn't Jane Eyre the one where an orphan girl ends up marrying a guy who has his crazy wife locked up in one wing of his house? Then the crazy wife burns the house down.

      And they lived happily ever after, in a burnt out house, and they guy is blind and crippled thanks to the fire.