Friday, June 28, 2013

The End is Near and its Going to Be Awesome

by Kevin Williamson

The book talk is on CSPAN's BookTV.  Watch it here.

The last time I saw him on BookTV I thought his book and its subject were interesting but I was disappointed when I read the book.  I may try again becasue this book could be very interesting.

Rather than go through the whole book talk, I'd like to highlight an early comment.

A recent immigrant from Bangladesh works near Kevin's office and he's noted that she has the same cell phone as the POTUS.  He's willing to bet that her children don't go to the same quality of school as the president's kids.

Cell phones and schools, one is run by the government and one is not.  Which is better?  Which is more egalitarian?  Why does anyone want the government to run anything?

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