Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fight Global Warming!!11!111!!!!

The great success of my first call to Help Fight Against Global Warming! has prompted me to renew the call to save the world!!!!!1111!1!1

10 Ways to fight Global Warming!!!!11!!!

1. Buy a Prius!

2. Buy local!

3. Don't eat meat!

4. Stop using electricity!

5. Buy fluorescent light bulbs!

6. Put solar panels on your roof!

7. Move closer to work!

8. Eat more zucchini!

9. Stop logging!

10. Don't reproduce!

Do your part today, by donating to me so that I can rid the world of one of the most evil plant murderers!!1

African Elephant


  1. But but but if youse abides by #4, then you don't have to do #5 or #6!

    Gee, by liberal 'logic' I have just reduced their list by 30% - must make me a genius!