Thursday, January 9, 2014

Conversion Rates

(h/t: Free NorthernerKrauser did some estimating to determine how many lays he got from day game in 2013.
Opens: 1,000
Numbers: 250
Dates: 60
iDates: 15
Lays: 27 new girls, 3 repeats from prior years
2.7% "success" rate

I don't have similar day game estimates for me, but I can estimate my success rate for deer hunting in 2013.  My result of a 19" 10 point buck is about as good as only one hunter I know did this year, and better than everyone else I have heard from or of secondhand (vs. in magazines, etc).

Working on property: 3 days/ month March through September: 21
hunting: 3 days/ week from 3rd Sat in September through first week of December: 27
hunting: one day/ week December + first week of January: 4

Work days: 21
Hunting days: 31
Total days: 52

Near misses: 2 (one moving too fast too far away, one at about the minimum size the day after the success)

Dead bucks: 1

In 2013 I shot one buck with 52 days spent attempting to do so.  1.9% And it was one buck in about 31 days of hunting. 3.2%

1.9% "success" rate

Deer hunting and "hunting" girls isn't directly comparable, but it may be interesting to see how many days of "failures" we both had versus our "successes".

If the "success rate" was what we were after, then I'm sure Krauser and I would switch to hobbies that resulted in more successes.  Of course their are other ways to measure success, and other reasons for continuing.

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