Monday, January 27, 2014

The Man in the White Suit

by Ben Collins

This is by and about the man who played "the Stig" on BBC's Top Gear.  (I like the following clip better than anything with the Stig in it, and it was also the third result in a search for Top Gear videos.)

Its an autobiography of his life as a professional car driver.  He's also been a movie stunt driver, raced, and done well in races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and so on.  No doubt a very interesting career.

However, his writing skills may be even less than mine (although he had a professional editor).  Its an interesting enough read, but I come to the conclusion that it would have been much better had it been written by a professional writer about him, rather than by him.

A while ago I reviewed How to Archer.  Also about a tv show that I like.  Like the Man in the White Suit, the tv show is very good and the books are merely getting by on the name recognition og the show.

Two books based on tv shows that I would watch were I watching tv, and both were books to avoid.

If you've only watched the shows, then you're already ahead.

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