Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Even More Things I Wonder About

Is there a government activity for which we cannot come up with a death toll?

Why does it always seem like the more I want to speed up, the more everyone in front wants to slow down?

When was the last time I used a microwave?

How much time have I wasted watching TV?

Are there any modern big business owners who favorably compare to those in Atlas Shrugged?

Will there ever be a time when we will be rid of cables for home electronics?  How would they get powered?

Why do the English drive on the wrong side of the road?

Why do so many people misuse words and expressions?

If I had a hard time finding a job, then how do people with half my IQ get by?

How can people alive today, and living amongst us not in the wild, not know the most basic computer functions?

Why do people buy junk with the fad of the moment's logo on it?

Why do people think that things "on sale" aren't still priced at a point where the manufactures are making money?

What's the point of spending hours debating which product to buy and then going with the cheapest.  Is their time worth nothing?

If you know nothing on the subject, how much does an hour or two of research improve a selection over getting the first thing that you wanted to get?

How often does the time spent researching something exceed the gains produced from the research?

How many people will read the last few points and think that I'm advocating doing no research?

Arrange the following in order of magnitude: few, many, couple, lots, several.

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