Thursday, January 23, 2014

Government is Bad; News at 11

Vox has a post on how our government is failing.

I had a post on Matt Forney's website, pointing out that the debate over more/ less government has been resolved long ago.

There can be no debate that less government is better.  It has been decided many times over.

Hong Kong vs Detroit

More government:

Less government:

So what should you do?
  1. Stop bothering with morons
  2. Stop funding the government
If only the people who voted for Romney in 2012 stopped paying their taxes, how long would our oppressive government survive?  What percentage of the government is funded by Romney supporters?

If you have willfully ignored the evidence to the contrary and want more government, then you too should put your money where your mouth is.  Start your own commune, and you can kick all us racist misogynists out.  Also: Fuck you slaver!

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