Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Help Fight Against Global Warming!

We all know that global warming is going to end life on this planet as we know it!

We need to do all that we can to end this terrible man caused impending disaster!

Global warming is caused by adding carbon dioxide (co2) to the air!

Hey! Wait a minute...you there reading this...you're turning oxygen to carbon dioxide right now!  Stop it! Or the earth will die!

Since we know that adding carbon dioxide to the air causes global warming, what we need to do is reduce our carbon dioxide emissions!

Many people who claim to want to help fight global warming do not do enough to actually help! 

Help! Do your Part!
Ten Ways To Fight Global Warming!

1. Buy a Prius!

2. Buy local!

3. Don't eat meat!

4. Stop using electricity!

5. Buy fluorescent light bulbs!

6. Put solar panels on your roof!

7. Move closer to work!

8. Eat more zucchini!

9. Stop logging!

10. Don't reproduce!
I have come up with a new way to fight the man made evil of global warming!  We need to reduce the number of carbon dioxide emitters!  The biggest ones first!

Elephants are the biggest land animals!  That means that they have the biggest carbon dioxide emitting lungs!  And they destroy the wonderful beings that help the fight against global warming!

Wild elephants damage crops
Balehonnur, April , DHNS

Two wild elephants which had entered the farm land in Saragodu village in Huyigere Gram Panchayat limits damaged crops worth lakhs of rupees.

The farm land belonging to S V Mahesh, Padmanabha Bhat, S T Jagannath Gowda have been damaged by the two wild elephants.

The wild elephants which entered the village in search of food damaged pipes installed for irrigating ginger. The ginger which was grown in field has also been damaged. Later, it entered estates and destroyed banana plantations, silver, teak and arecanut trees. The loss has been estimated at Rs 2 lakh. The farmers are worried over the wild elephant menace which is on rise in the region. “We have submitted memorandum to forest department urging to check wild elephant menace. However, the forest department has failed to solve the problem,” alleged farmers.

A person was trampled to death by a wild elephant recently at Gabgal Birgur. The villagers are finding it difficult to move alone in the region fearing wild elephant attack. The farmers must be given suitable compensation for the loss incurred due to wild elephant menace, they urged.
Assessment of crop raiding situation by elephants(Loxodonta africana cyclotis) in farms around Kakumconservation area, Ghana

During the period under review 35 farms belonging to 20
farmers from seven villages, Aboabo, Antwikwaa,
Brahabebome, Kruwa, Nyamebekyere, Pemsan and
Ahomaho experienced a total of 50 raids by elephants
from KCA.

The raids covered a total land area of about 24,925.8
m2 (2.49 ha) (Table 1) at an average rate of 2.9 (1.05
S.E) farms per month and the maximum raids occurred in
August, 2007 (Figure 2). About three sightings were
made between 19.00 - 04.00 h with a peak at about
22.00 h. The raids took the form of consuming and
destroying in the process; but there were some
destruction without consumption. Destructions were
mainly by trampling, uprooting and plucking of fruits
(Table 2). Farming around the KCA occurred all year
round and the raiding targeted both mature and immature
crops including cassava, plantain, banana, orange and
maize (Table 3.).

For only $33,000 we can rid the world of one of those awful global warmers!

Zindele Safaris hunting client Juan Fernades de Mesa.

Donate to me today and I'll do the dirty work so you don't have to!


  1. Why would I want to donate to have you kill an Elephant??? How the heck is that environmentally friendly and ridding the world of any of our energy consumption problems?

    -Sharone Tal

    1. It would reduce, by one, the number of things that are contributing to global warming!

      Elephants turn oxygen into global warming causing carbon dioxide!

      Elephants kill thousands of plants! Plants are our heroes in the fight against global warming!

      Death to the plant murderers!

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