Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Hunting Opposition


"And it still takes great skill to shoot an animal with a rifle, or a bow." --- A study conducted by the Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Agencies found that approximately 50% of deer that were shot (with bow) were never recovered. Some deer survived for up to 5-7 days before succumbing to their wounds. Despite widespread practice by bowhunters and their usual pride in their personal accuracy, "71% to 82% of all shots taken missed" and "shot placement is, for all practical purposes, random."

"May I ask if you have totally abstained from all animal products?" --- I live a totally vegan lifestyle - as best I can at this time. Please don't tell me that even when I breathe I kill life during the inhale-exhale cycle. I am working on that- right now I do the best I can.

"Hunting is a natural part of life." --- You have a choice to kill animals or to not kill animals.

"Do you object when people "purposely plan" a plant's death? Why is there opposition to killing animals and not plants?" --- Humans need to eat to survive. Eating as low as possible from the food chain is more humane than eating animals. The plants-are-alive-and-have-feelings-too argument is regularly presented in an attempt to justify eating animal products.

Use most of your great hunting skills and not harm an animal - yet earn a beautiful trophy to show-off to your friends. Wildlife photography.


So your stats agree that it takes skill to shoot a deer. Even with a rifle.

I wouldn't have argued that you kill by breathing. But do you kill insects that enter your house? How about the ticks and things that attache themselves to pets? Why is the line drawn where it is?

Why are plants okay and animals aren't?

Having a picture of an animal rather than, say, a set of antlers is about the same as having a picture of a house and actually owning a house. It is the same as winning a car race on a video game and winning that race in real life. There is hardly any comparison.

Although I like your attempt at flattery. 

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