Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How many guns are nessesary for a deer hunter?

Guns are an important part of hunting deer; how many should you own? There are a variety of hunting situations and each one has a tool that will fit the situation ideally.
Clearly the correct answer is lots, and lots, and lots. But a more specific answer may be appropriate, as a number to shoot for or just as a thought experiment.

I need a lightweight deer rifle so that I can easily carry it around in the woods; that's 1. Clearly I need a second lightweight rifle in case rifle number 1 is ever out of order; that's 2.

If I was going to walk over long distances I would need a heavier rifle to steady my tired arms; that's 3.

A big rifle for shooting big Canadian deer, or elk, or moose too may be in my future; that's 4.

How about a long distance gun for when I go out west; 5.

How about a heavy lever action for hunting thick cover; 6.

A rifle with a small cartridge for hunting the Florida Key deer or coues; 7.

Plastic and composite stocks look out of place in pictures in Africa, in case those antelope need to be shot, so a wooden stock would be needed; 8.

A plastic or composite stock won't expand or contract as much in high elevations or in heavy snow; 9.

Single shot rifles are cool, big cartridge, medium, and small; 10, 11, 12.

A bolt action, semi-auto, and lever weapons, too; 13, 14, 15.

So that might be about it. If you are just beginning to hunt deer with a rifle you now know how many rifles you need: 47. But that's cutting it a little tight, get a few more when you can afford it.

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