Monday, November 19, 2012

Opening Weekend of Deer Season

It was my most important two days of the year this past weekend.  Opening day of the firearm deer season in Wisconsin.

It was a weird year.

For the first time since the sixties or seventies neither my grandpa nor I was at his spot on opening weekend.  He hunted the same property since '46, on a friend's land.  But his step children have pushed us to lesser spots this year.

To put this into perspective, the last time I cried (in 2000), I shed three tears the day after my grandpa died and I spent the afternoon watching Regan's funeral on tv.  (I'm no particular fan of Regan, fyi.)  And my eyes nearly moistened when I saw the big hunting box that was built next to My Favorite Tree and Grandpa's ground blind.

So, instead of hunting my favorite tree I sat elsewhere, for the first time on opening weekend.

Did I get one?  Of course!

Like dad says, "We don't need luck; we've got Tim."

This poor buck hobbled, by on 2.5 good legs.  I felt bad for the deer so I ended his pain.

I've heard that if a buck gets an injured leg, then the next year his antler on the other side will be odd.  That is true in this case.

A good buck nonetheless and with a 17.75" tip-to-tip spread!

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