Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scent Proof Hunting Clothing

One of the things that is very helpful while deer hunting is not smelling, and alerting deer by the smell of your presence.

Many hunters wear their camouflage outside of hunting situations.  This is a mistake.  When you wear your hunting clothing it may collect the smells from wherever it is worn.  I recently walked buy a guy in his hunting coat in a grocery store.  He reeked of smoke.  That smoke smell will alert deer that there is something unnatural around.  You may get away with it while hunting only small bucks and young does but big bucks will not want to be near you.

Don't wear your hunting clothing outside of the woods.  Avoid wearing it while filling up with gas, in particular.

I've owned three different articles of clothing that were made by companies advertising thier products' containment of smell.

I have a coat and pants, which are a few years old and out of date, from Scent Lok.  The coat is the best hunting coat that I have ever worn and the pants are the best camouflage pants that I have ever worn.  They seem to have been well made; I have has zero issues with them being worn.  And they were very well designed.  The pants, for example, have pockets alongside the knee, but rather than having the pockets opening face up while you are standing the opening is perfectly designed to be accessible while you sit.  The coat has excellent pockets as well, and great materials were used in both.

I have also worn a pair of Scent Shield boots.  They were very badly made and very badly designed.  The zipper that was meant to keep the boots tight always, always, got stuck in the materiel behind it.  Never have I struggled with a zipper half as much as I struggled with that zipper.  When they were on, the top wrap that was meant to keep the top tight was held together with snaps.  The snaps were on the inside and rubbed against each other while I walked, so they were always undone and always clicking.  Those boots just got junked when I busted the zipper when I tried to reconnect the sliding part with the locking part.

The coat, pants, and boots are all around four years old.  I don't know how much they've improved, and I don't know which is better at containing scent.  But I liked the Scent Lok stuff and the Scent Shield stuff was junk.


  1. my grandfather is houma indian. this is what he taught me.

    collect some moss.
    dig a small hole and place the moss in it.
    set moss on fire.
    walk through smoke and let smoke soak into clothing.
    head out and repeat every 4-5 hours.

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