Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trail Cameras

I've had a trail camera out at one of the properties I hunt for two weeks so far.  I've gotten pictures of many does, turkeys, and herons.  And also about 5 year and a half old bucks, plus this two and a half:

Deer in Velvet
As you can see: its still in velvet.

Dad thinks that it is awfully late in the year for the horns to still be that size and I'm wondering now if our 50 days without rain, during antler growing season, might not have been good for antler growth.

He also pointed out that last year we got lots of pictures of small bucks to start the year and the bigger ones didn't show up on cameras until later.

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  1. Great picture, I have never gotten a picture of a deer in velvet, yet. I am in East Texas. It is nice to see a deer with a normal set. Here lately all I have been seeing is spikes. Thanks