Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Opposition to Hunting

I suppose that I can understand why people are opposed to killing things.  Death is unpleasant, and all of that.  But why is killing plants (another group of living things) okay?

By this logic whales are terrible creatures that kill billions of plants (phytoplankton) and animals (zooplankton).

Rather than trying to save the whales environmentalists should be trying to kill these large mass murderers.  Because if killing is always bad than killing lots is worse, right?

What about anteaters: how evil are they for ending millions of lives?

If you give your dog things to kill parasites on the dog, aren't you ending thousands of lives?

Do you kill the ants and spiders that enter your house?

Do you not use antibacterial soap?  Doesn't it kill bacteria, which are living things?

Where do we draw the line at what killing is acceptable and what is not?

Who gets to decide? Why are they the ones that get to tell us what is right and wrong?

If the people who are opposed to hunting want to be logically consistent, then their opposition to hunting should extend well past not eating meat or not buying leather products.  Their opposition should also extend to never killing insects, and not removing things like lice and other parasites from themselves and their pets.

Its all well and good to pick and choose the things you want to eat and use.  If you want to try and convince others to do the same, then that's fine too.  But organizations like PETA and WWF don't base their arguments on logical ground.

I look forward to this weekend's opening of the Wisconsin archery deer season.  And I'll bet I appreciate and understand life and death better than those who shelter themselves from it.

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