Monday, July 9, 2012

The Two Best Pieces of Hunting Equipment

There are a wide variety of choices for each of the needed pieces of hunting gear useful for hunting deer. Many of those choices are interchangeable with many acceptable options. But, two items are not options if your goal is to successfully hunt antlered deer as efficiently as is possible.

If you bow hunt with a bow that requires an attached arrow rest you need to get a Trophy Ridge: Whisker Biscuit.
There are a variety of Whisker Biscuits which you can find at your sporting goods store of choice.

A Whisker Biscuit is necessary for bows that require rests because while you are hunting you will have an arrow nocked and on its rest while you wait for the deer. During this wait, and often when you draw your bow, the arrow will hop off of its rest.

Ideally you should have the index finger of the hand holding the bow lightly over the arrow, but this is not always possible, or remembered. For example: if it is exceptionally cold you may be wearing heavy mittens which will restrict your finger's movement.The Whisker Biscuit, and several other rests, remove the need to hold your finger over the arrow. What separates the Whisker Biscuit from the similar rests is: the quality of the rest, and the constant full containment of the arrow. I particularly like the Whisker Biscuit because it has permanently eliminated a mistake I once made that had cost me a buck; if only more hunting gear were like this product.

Arguably, the one exception to needing a Whisker Biscuit would be if you are a tournament archer or will be shooting at extreme long range you may prefer a drop-away rest which has minimal contact with the arrow, and may be a bit more accurate.

The second essential piece of equipment is a Cabala's Wind Shear jacket or sweater. If you hunt in the cold or wind the Wind Shear collection of clothing is immensely good. I've personally worn a heavy Wind Shear sweater in 10 degree weather with 20 mph winds and been completely comfortable.

When you hunt in inclement weather staying comfortable is the key to remaining out long enough to see deer. The Cabela's Wind Shear line of clothing is thoroughly impressive, and my "upland sweater" is my favorite article of clothing. As silly as it sounds I look forward to wearing it.
There are a variety of Wind Shear products available and I have only ever heard good things about them. This line of clothing is better than the alternatives because they really do take the bite out of the wind. I've worn it in 10 degree F weather in howling wind with only a t-shirt on underneath and said, "is that all you've got wind?"

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