Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Record Keeping for Hunting and Fishing

One of the reasons that fishing guides get good is because they keep good records.  If you record the weather, fish activity, fish locations, etc. every day you go fishing, you can learn a lot about how fish behave.  The more records you keep, and the more often you fish, the easier it will be for you to find fish on any given day.  I happen to know that Tony Rizzo has records for every day that he has gone fishing, over 34,000 hours.  If he looks at his records he can tell you: July 25, water temp 73, hot and overcast?  I know right where the fish will be.

My dad and I kept records for the first time for our deer hunting last year.  If nothing else it is interesting.  I saw 35 bucks during archery season last year.  I can look at the records and know specifically what days were best and know exactly which treestand was most productive.

The more information that you have the more about fish and deer you will be able to figure out.

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