Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Food Plot Equipment

Many of you who deer hunt may try to plant food plots for your deer.  This is a good idea.  But there are some tools that you should not use.

You could put a food plot in with a rake and a bottle of Round-Up.  A food plot you make with those tools would be good for, I'd say, an hour of one deer's diet.

Using a walk behind tiller or a rear tined tiller will, poorly, create a food plot that is big enough for an afternoon's worth of deer browsing.

You really need to use a tractor or an atv to put in a food plot of any size.  That is a size that will not be totally eaten one afternoon.

My dad and I recently tried to use a rented rear tined tiller to fill in one small hunting plot.  It didn't work well.  It didn't work fast. It didn't do much.

Any time spent on a tool of a lesser size than an atv is a waste of time and a million times the work, for a fraction of the reward.

Find a rental tractor, or atv, or hire someone who owns one of either.  But don't wast your time with the small tools.

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