Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Treestand Styles

There are a few different styles of treestands available for hunting.  let's take a look at them.


An easy to move treestand is a climbing treestand.  The best one is probably the Lone Wolf one, at around $420.  The downsides are: they can be noisy, they would be difficult to use if you are out of shape, they require a straight branch less tree, and you need to carry it to your tree each time.

Use this style if:

-you hunt public land
-you only want one treestand
-you want really good abs

Hang On

hang on treestands have become the standard treestand for most property owners.  A hang on, or chain on, or strap on treestand is left in place for much of the hunting season.  You don't need to carry a stand in every time you hunt.  You can get in one quietly.

Never, ever, ever, buy one that weighs more than around 18 pounds.

You'll need some sort of steps to get to this style of stand.  These steps will be sold separately.

Use this style if:

-you own your own land
-you want to be as stealthy as possible
-you can afford multiple stands


This style of treestand is often used for people who have a hard time going up and down trees.  (Always buy one with a wide ladder, not a narrow one.)  They are very heavy and require multiple people to put one up.  I don't like them because they always seem wobbly.  They are also large and cumbersome to carry in, move, and store.

Use this style if:

-you have difficulty climbing
-you can climb a ladder
-two people are going to hunt toghether


Generally just boards nailed to trees.  They always fall out when the tree grows.

Use this style:



Sometimes trees are not available or the right size.  Use a tripod to get elevation over the deer.  These are also large and difficult to set up, move, and store.

Use this style if:

-there are no appropriate trees where you want to hunt
-you can hide it in some cover (to be camouflaged)

Ground Blinds

It is generally better to be elevated, for better views and reasons of stealth.  But some of us need to stay grounded.

Use this style if:

-you need cover from the weather
-you can't go up
-you need to hide your movement


Some towers are homemade some can be bought.  They are mostly only good for hunting with a gun.  They can be as elaborate as you like.  I helped build one with stairs.

This style is dramatically overused.  They are big, obvious, impossible to move, and deer can learn to go around them.  They are not stealthy.  And you can't bow hunt from most of them.

Use this style if:

-you need shelter from the weather
-you have difficulty going up
-there are no available trees

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