Monday, September 10, 2012

Meat Eater

I haven't watched much TV since November of 2011.  One show that I have seen two episodes of is Meat Eater.

While commenting at the Huffington Post I clicked a link to an exchange between a vegan and Steven Rinella of Meat Eater.

Its not the best response ever, but its not bad.

For some reason I'm having trouble embedding the clip here.  Click the second link to see it at the Huffington Post or here is the link to it at YouTube.

If you want to convince someone that hunting is a good thing, then I'd advise you to point that person to an episode of Meat Eater.  I cannot help but think that someone who opposes eating meat might persuaded to be unopposed to hunting after watching an episode of that show.

Part of an episode:

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