Monday, July 23, 2012

Muskie Structure

There are all kinds of places where fish hide from their predators.  Weeds often get the most attention, and rocks often get overlooked.

I've heard several stories of guys going up to Canada for the first time and spending half of their week looking for, often nonexistent, weeds.

Muskies will hang out in weeds, next to rocks, next to shelves, under piers  next to fallen trees.  Most any irregularity in the body of water has the potential to hold a muskie.

If you are going to fish an unknown body of water look at a map for points, islands, underwater humps, shelves, and man made structures in the water.

Once you find a good spot, remember it.  Many good spots will produce fish every year.

Don't be like those guys spending half their trip looking for weeds.  Muskies will hang out near any structure, and even when they are suspending they will relate to the structure.

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